5 Things to Do on a Winter Break in Copenhagen

After seeing endless perfect photos of European cities in the snow, it was definitely time to get in on that winter break action, and Copenhagen seemed like the perfect place to visit. As we stepped off the plane to a brisk chill I definitely felt I’d stepped in to a postcard, seeing the snow blanketing over the buildings and slowly falling around us it was time to wrap the scarf tighter and get exploring!

As we spent only a few days in this beautiful city I thought I’d highlight my top five things to do as part of a mini winter break.

So without further ado, here are five things to do on your winter break in Copenhagen:

1.Stay Somewhere Different

When it came to choosing somewhere to stay in this amazing city we decided to be a bit different and instead of heading to the centre, we choose to stay in the outskirts and experience a more ‘everyday life’ and cultural feel in a district called Norrebro.

I loved this area with its bustling multicultural vibes, amazing restaurants, chic coffee shops, and endless rows of fabulous buildings – it really was amazing! We choose to stay in an Airbnb that was actually ‘lived in’ and not a show home (which would explain why we had to feed the cat which came with the place), which gave that super realistic feel to the visit and I could actually see myself living there.

2. Nyhavn Street

Well worth a visit if you fancy seeing first hand those buildings which decorate nearly every postcard of Copenhagen. Sitting across a frozen lake looking at a stunning row of multi-coloured buildings, sprinkled in snow couldn’t have been more peaceful! 

3. Botanical Gardens

I love visiting botanical gardens with towering plants and the comforting warmth, and on a  winters this was even better! Stepping in from the freezing outdoors, there was an amazing array of beautiful plants in a building which was strangely quiet. Clearly the botanical gardens are not a hotspot in the winter months – making them even better to explore! So if you want to take some time out amongst nature, but escape the freezing outdoors, head to the botanical gardens.  

4. Christiania

Easily one of the eeriest and strangest places I’ve ever visited, Christiania is essentially a lawless area right smack in the middle of Copenhagen. Yes, surrounded by the picture perfect streets is an entire community which was originally a military area and later taken over. You’ll be greeted by a sign listing rules such as no running and no photography, and as you walk through may also see flaming barrels and strange kiosks behind mesh. It has to be seen to be believed, but I must admit although we didn’t run, we didn’t hang around too long!  

5. Wander Aimlessly

This will always be my favourite travel tip as this is when you find the most unexpected of places! Take a bit of time out of one of your days and just set off walking and see what you find. Whether you follow a map or just see where you end up, just make sure you don’t wander too far and get lost!  

So there it is, five things to do on a winter break in Copenhagen, and whilst I’ve not listed the famous Little Mermaid statue, the Lego shop, or the impressive Tivoli Gardens , these are just a few little things to consider on your winter trip!



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