How to Be a Tourist in Your Own City

It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday life and ignore some of the amazing things around us in the cities we live in; often only exploring through the eyes of tourist when visitors come to stay! But why should the exploring be reserved for when you’re on holiday or if you’re showing people around – there’s plenty of fun ways to become re-engaged with the city you live in. Here I’ll give just some tips for becoming a tourist in your own city.

Take a Camera

When I’m on holiday I’m forever snapping away at local architecture, food, events and wildlife – so why not give it a go at home. You might find some of the amazing things which would normally catch your eye on holiday, you walk past everyday at home. Take your camera out with you, explore some of your everyday routes and venture out to new places to find some of the amazing snap-worthy spots in your city. If you’re after Instagram-able places, there are plenty of amazing blogs which give tips on where to find them!

Look Online

Checking out online reviews and recommendations can be brilliant for sourcing some of the latest and greatest spots in your city. Whilst you’ll have your firm favourites from cafés to bars and restaurants, there may be some highly rated places you may walk past every day. Take a look on blogs, review sites and travel guides to get an idea on some new places to visit.

Take Recommendations

Recommendations don’t have to be just reserved for online – why not ask your friends and family for some places they like to go. There might be some places or ideas you hadn’t considered before! You could also ask in local coffee shops or bars for some local recommendations.

Stay Somewhere New

Part of the fun of going on holiday is waking up in a different environment, whether it’s a hotel, hostel or holiday rental. If you’re wanting to fully immerse yourself for a weekend in your city, why not explore some of the accommodation it has to offer. The experience of waking up in your city but not in your home, can give a whole new perspective and energy for exploring!

Find Events

Search out some local events and make an effort to attend. Whether it’s an art gallery opening, a music concert or a new bar opening – explore new and fun ways to engage with your city. Look on local guides and social groups to find the latest events.

So, there you have it, just some tips for becoming a tourist in your city. Why not give some a go and see if you fall in love with your hometown all over again!



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