Is Juicing All That?

Food trends and diets come and go, but one that has really made an impact, and stuck in the healthy eating circles, is juicing. A fantastic way to get your vitamins in one hit and cleanse your body, juicing has revolutionised the way we get nutrients which could be missing from our everyday diet.

After being a fan of smoothies for breakfast, I really wanted to try adding juices to my diet to see if it made an impact on my day to day wellbeing – and the answer is quite simply yes!

Just one week of trialling different juices I was feeling much more alert in the mornings, and maintaining this energy throughout the day. My skin was much healthier and I definitely had a spring in my step! I’ve tried plenty of different recipes in this time and tried to vary the fruits and veg whilst also making sure they still taste amazing!

It’s important to point out here, I wasn’t juicing as a way to diet or as a full meal replacement, but I simply replaced my morning smoothie with a juice instead.

So as an addition to a healthy and balanced diet I would definitely recommend giving juicing a go and see if you see an improvement in your energy levels.

Here are some top tips if you are starting out on your juicing journey:

Top Tips

  • Invest in a good juicer

You want to make sure you are extracting as many nutrients as possible from your fruit and veg so it’s important to invest in a juicer which preserves as much as possible. For my daily juices I use the Sage Juicer which has been fantastic.

  • Experiment with recipes

Don’t be afraid to try out new recipes and experiment with different fruits and veg to see which juice the best and are tasty!

  • Add some lemon

If you want to make some juices in advance add a little lemon which acts as preservative and will stop your juice miscolouring.

  • Skin on!

A lot of the nutrients in fruit and veg lie within the skin so don’t be afraid to leave this on. Just be mindful of fruits such as oranges and lemons where their rind could be bitter – this best works on veggies such as carrots.

  • Everything in moderation

Juices should not replace all your meals but rather support a healthy balanced diet. Simply relying on juices will mean you miss out on essential proteins.



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